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Outdoor – Garden Wedding

Being a popupar trend which couples especially prefer, the outdoor wedding is a type of wedding event that the main concept bases on an outdoor scene with creative, diversified, and stress- free decorations. Because the biggest advantages of the outdoor wedding are becoming less dependent on the base of the artwork and without being forced into any specific space, you can totally design your desired outdoor wedding by a combination of many suitable avenues and other locations, which show up your personal style. There are many impressive outdoor spaces in Ho Chi Minh City that you can choose one.

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Kim Khánh & Thiên Vũ – Garden Wedding at Continental Hotel

Spectacular brilliant flowers at the wedding reception at the Continental’s garden – 40 tables At that time, the fallen root at Continental Patio made SaoMys team solve a difficult problem: how to cover weakness, as impressive but still keep harmonizing with common space? After finding answer, the result was great beyond our ...
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Outdoor Wedding at Continental hotel SaiGon

Sparkling garden wedding reception in SaoMys colorful style, with special impression as Welcome drinks area in harmony with common space of reception. At that time, decoration of Welcome Drinks area was one of interesting challenge for SaoMys team. Đức Huy & Thiên Hương Location: Continental hotel SaiGon   Welcome Drinks area: serve cocktail and cakes ...
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Mixed Indoor And Outdoor Wedding Style In SaiGon

The wedding is held in style of linking space, combine Indoor with Outdoor wedding – with colorful fresh flowers decoration following Western style.  The large and open space at Van Thanh allows SaoMys to create satisfactorily with brilliant color decoration style while still harmonizing with fresh nature. Furthermore, using and mixing ...
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Phuong Cam & Andrew Blanche – Garden Wedding

Garden party at Hotel Continental SaiGon - simple, luxurious, elegant style, was first defined and became a feature of SaoMys Flower. This is also one of the typical decoration for the garden style of 2015. The whole setting of decoration creates the party scene as a romantic garden surrounded by the ...
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Combining Vietnamese Handicrafts With Modern Wedding Concepts

SaoMys succeeded when combining Vietnamese handicrafts with Western wedding concepts. Brides and bridegrooms also present such handicrafts to guests as a meaningful gift. The research and the perpetual renewal of handicrafts to combine with wedding decoration was inspired by the desire that this will be a highlight for the combination of Viet Nam ...
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