Quotation Of Wedding Decorating Service Full Package At Saomys Flower

Dear bride and bridegroom,

From June 2017, SaoMys has a full package of decoration and holding a wedding party with fresh flowers 100% – with the lowest price from $10,000. ( NOT INCLUDE FOOD AND DRINK ) 

Bride and bridegroom will receive all SaoMys’s services as following:

  • Making up a concept of decoration  for whole wedding party areas ( backdrop, reception, entrance, wedding stage, welcome drink or first dance area,..) with unique style: colorful, simplification, luxury, sophistication…
  • Planning wedding program ( wedding game, first dance,… )
  • Researching and combining Vietnamese handicrafts with wedding concepts. Brides and bridegrooms also present such handicrafts to guests as a meaningful gift.
  • Using fresh, undyed flowers 100%
  • Making a decoration for ancestral ceremonies,  engagement parties
  • Setting up Welcome Drink including decorations, drink, food… when bride and bridegroom require
  • Providing DJ, MC by SaoMys’s team
  • Advising wedding places, conducting a surveys of locations such as: beach, mountain, villas, building..
  • Supporting for setting up parties such as welcome drinks, finger food, buffet…
  • Supporting coordination of wedding.

SaoMys uses harmonious decorating styles based on each selected location and we also make a combination of vivid, elegant and luxurious color themes.

See more at : wedding decorating service full package SaoMys Flower


Before conducting this task, SaoMys hope to get closer  with bride and bridegroom to get the final idea the best we could.

Please call SaoMys at hotline: 0909 69 02 03 ( Ms Linh) and prepare in advance such below basic information of both bride and bridegroom – It’s not requirement, prepare it as much as you can:

  1. Full name
  2. Birthday
  3. Nationality and religion
  4. Job
  5. Residential address.
  6. Contact information (Email, facebook, mobile, viber/ zalo/ skype… )
  7. The date to hold the wedding party?
  8. You want to hold a small, private party( only family and close friends) or a social party with  a considerable number of guests.
  9. How many guests do you intend to invite?
  10. Percentage of guest aged (fairly): Percentage of the older? the middle-aged? the young? Who are your main guests (70-80%) and what are their classes and their types of jobs?
  11. In your opinion, the most vital factor when holding a wedding party is the service quality or the star-rating for a hotel? or delicious dishes or the location, any other factors else?
  12. What city or district do you prefer to hold your wedding party? In case that we need a back up location, what is your 2rd selected district/city?
  13. Are there foreigners that maybe show up in your wedding? Foreigners account for how many percentage upon the total number of guests?
  14. Have you referred any desired wedding location? If available, what location do you intend to choose? And why you choose that place?
  15. Have you ever known some types of parties such as : Capané, finger food, buffet, cocktail, BBQ…? Or types of parties such as: long table, round table or a mix between long table and round table.

*** The above quotation is the price for Ho Chi Minh City only. The price for a place that is outside Ho Chi Minh City equals the price for HCM only plus fee of travel fees and accommodation.


Method of payment- The couple can make payment via one of two below accounts:

  1. Domestic:

Account name: Tạ Thị Thùy Linh

Account number: 044 100 3941730

Bank: Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam, Tan Binh Branch.

  1. Overseas:

Account Name: Ms. TA THI THUY LINH

Account Number: 0441370711747 (USD)

Swift Code: BFTVVNVX

Bank: Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam, Tan Binh Branch.


The fee of money transfer will be paid by remitters

* When SaoMys receives your deposit, we will inform to you via email within 24 hours.

Customer’s name:……….


Decorating requirement:…..

Time of wedding:…..


For any contact, please see below:

Mobile:  0909 69 02 03 (Ms. Linh)
Website: http://saomysflower.vn/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saomysflower
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUfoFi_h2sV11Tg2ZOynNBw