SaoMys Flower Wedding Planner Service

Finding a suitable wedding planner that can make your idea of wedding come true is actually a challenge for new couples, who are inexperienced and have little information about wedding.

In addition, importing the Western culture leads Vietnamese wedding trend to become more diversified and creative than ever with many different wedding types and spaces. A lot of couples want to make their wedding parties more impressive by asking for a wedding planner to help them prepare all stuffs, such as impressive wedding spaces from indoor to outdoor, coffee stores, bars, small restaurants…instead of booking common wedding center or hotels as before. Many awesome wedding styles that are some combinations of traditional custom and foreign culture, such as beach wedding, outdoor wedding, have recently been selected by new couples.


Besides, necessary stuffs for a wedding and its decoration are steps that bride and bridegroom need a lot of support from wedding planner or wedding florist. Requirements of such stuffs are not only  satisfying the couple’s personality but also suiting for guests and each selected place.

When bride and bridegroom come to SaoMys Flower – as a wedding planner and wedding florist – we understand that the couple put a strong conviction about our services. We literally believe that each detail we design  has an extremely profound meaning for precious moments of each life. Therefore, with the most gigantic endeavour, SaoMys always tries to make creative, unique concepts for each couple, as well as full supporting bride and bridegroom via advising locations, plans for parties, supporting for setting up or holding parties with styles same as foreign culture, such as: welcome drinks, first dance…

SaoMys Flower’s basic services:

The price for a Western wedding. The basic wedding service package of SaoMys Flower is a combination of Vietnamese wedding culture and foreign wedding customs.

INCLUDING: ( Ceremony- Wedding Assistance – Entertainment ( DJ/MC/Bartender) – Full Decoration – Welcome Drink – Welcome Snacks )


Saomys Flower Wedding Plan

  • Wedding Ceremony Planning
  • Advising Wedding Venues, conducting a surveys of locations such as: beach, mountain, building, villas, resort..
  • Directly setting up Welcome Drink  & Welcome Snacks including decorations, drink, food… when bride and bridegroom require
  • Providing DJ, MC, Bartender by SaoMys Flower’s team
  • Menu tasting and assistance with menu selections and details
  • Bring traditional Vietnamese folk games, cuisine, fruits into the wedding program & menu
  • Supporting for setting up parties such as first dance, welcome drinks, finger food, buffet, game…
  • Full wedding day coordination
  • Complimentary consultation of other wedding services

Saomys Flower Wedding Decor with 100% fresh flowers

  • Making up a concept of decoration  for whole wedding party areas ( backdrop, reception, entrance, wedding stage, welcome drink or first dance area,..)
  • SaoMys Flower uses harmonious decorating styles based on each selected venue with UNIQUE style of Saomys: colorful, luxury, sophistication 
  • Researching and combining Vietnamese handicrafts with wedding concepts. Brides and bridegrooms also present such handicrafts to guests as a meaningful gift.
  • Using fresh, undyed flowers 100%

Please contact us if you want to discuss details or get your personalized quote.
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What is the difference between SaoMys Flower and other Wedding Planners in Vietnam?


1. Providing a full package of Saomys’s service

From a wedding florist with more than 6 years of experience in wedding decoration and a professional consultant for many couples’ weddings. Saomys decided to become a Wedding Planner combining with Wedding Decorator, with the desire not only to “decorate” your wedding party, but Saomys wants to be ” a close-friend” on your way to a “happy ending”.

This will save a lot of time for the couple when you don’t need to take a time to meet a third partner for wedding decoration and present them with your wedding idea again. In addition, Saomys service also offers MCs, DJs, bartender for wecome drink area (if you require). Therefore, you can save a lot of money if you choose “a full package of SaoMys’s service” of Saomys:  including wedding plan and decoration. 

saomys flower wedding planner

 The basic wedding service of SaoMys Flower is a combination of Vietnamese wedding culture and foreign wedding customs.


2. Wedding decoration with Saomys’s featured style

  • 2.1  Providing unique Saomys Style Decoration : colorful, luxury, sophistication 

The strength in Saomys decoration is the combination of vivid, elegant and luxurious color themes. Saomys prides itself on creating unique decorations, combining striking, eye catching colors but still maintaining the harmony inherent in each flower. This has created a fascination in Saomys’ decoration. The strength of Saomys Wedding’s decoration style is COLORFUL that hardly ever can other Wedding Planners do. 

colorful style saomys flower

Colorful style is the strength of Saomys decoration


  • 2.2 Decoration based on each party and selected location:

There are many styles for wedding and locations that maybe make you wonder a lot. Besides,  you will easy to see  a similar wedding style over many places that will make people feel bored, cramped. Hence, if using impressive and unique SaoMys’s decorating services,  even though you hold the party at ballroom, outdoor or indoor scene, on ship or restaurant, coffee store, home…, you always have an unique and wonderful wedding party which is just for you. In addition, the wedding style which has an orientation in advance will made things  smoother and more united.

With the creative ability and flexibility upon each location,  SaoMys’s decorations will be flexible – based on the features of selected space by unique style: colorful, simplification, luxury, sophistication…for many spaces such as beach, ocean, villa, building…without any negative impact on the original space after the party.  The strength of Saomys Wedding’s decoration style is COLORFUL that hardly ever can other Wedding Planners decorate. 

Tiệc cưới bãi biển Saomys Flower

Flower vase is made by seashell at Vung Tau beach wedding

Saomys Flower wedding planner in Vietnam

Miraculous decorating  at the garden of Continental Hotel


  • 2.3 Combining Vietnamese handicrafts with modern wedding concepts:

SaoMys succeeded when combining Vietnamese handicrafts with Western wedding concepts. Brides and bridegrooms also present such handicrafts to guests as a meaningful gift.

The research and the perpetual renewal of handicrafts to combine with wedding decoration was inspired by the desire that this will be a highlight for the combination of Viet Nam traditional art, culture in modern wedding parties…Our purpose are making the young no forget their original point, warming the elder’s hearts and feasting Western guests’s eyes.

Click HERE to see the reference

Saomys Flower wedding planner in Vietnam - colorful style

Impressvie oil lamps which be painted literally with  traditional decorations, such as: carp, lotus, ricefield, bamboo…by the famous Bat Trang pottery village


  • 2.4 Decoration With 100% Fresh Flowers

SaoMys definitely promises to use fresh, undyed flowers 100%. Our flowers are a variety of kinds from common flowers to rare ones. A mixing concept of fresh, elegant and luxurious flowers is always offered to our valued customers.

beach wedding SaoMys Flower

100% fresh flowers


3. Supporting of advising or directly setting up the various forms/ wedding spaces same as Western, American concept combining Vietnamese cuisine, fruite and culture. 

Nicholas & Thu Huong –Beach Wedding

Working with wedding spaces through many years makes SaoMys a lot of experiences to advise wedding locations  objectively; conducting the survey of locations for any space; supporting setting up for the main space; making a party program which meets needs of the couple and guests.

In addition, the experiences of holding parties for many overseas Vietnamese couples allow SaoMys to directly make a plan and hold parties for foreign styles, such as:

  • Welcome drinks with drink and food prepared directly by SaoMys. 
  • Combination of Vietnamese fruit with cocktail, mocktail, drinks … to introduce Vietnamese fruit to international friends
  • Setting up the decoration for first dance, providing DJ and MC; also supporting couples in making program throughout the party.
  • Advising the menu with Vietnamese traditional foods but such dishes will be presented with the styles such as finger food or buffet…
  • Bring traditional Vietnamese folk games into the wedding program.


4. A Wedding at Beauty Spots in Vietnam

Each province in Vietnam has at least one distinct elements of culture, tourism, cuisine … that tourists from far away coming to attend the wedding will want to explore. Trends in modern wedding style are no longer constrained and limited in certain spaces like restaurants, hotels or wedding centers,… the young couples can hold their wedding at “wherever they love”. An awesome wedding that combine of traditional custom and foreign culture, such as beach wedding, outdoor wedding, shipboard wedding, mountains, buildings, villas, resorts… have recently been selected by couples.

A wedding made by Saomys Flower at Vung Tau beach


The happiness of bride and bridegroom after each wedding party is definitely the motivation for SaoMys Flower to be more creative and get more development.

Please contact SaoMys with hotline: 0909 69 02 03 ( Ms Linh)